Artist Statement

Predominant medium: The tactile quality of colored pencils, when used on a pastel ground panel, delivers an unexpected vitality. Scraping the pencils across the texture, I connect with this surface. Cross hatching layers and, colors saturate; atmospheric depth ensues. Pencils succumb to the sharpener’s blade at an alarming rate. Blurry scribbles or carefully rendered?
It depends.

My panel is coated twice with a pastel ground, usually in a pale sepia or gray range. The paint application is deliberately uneven, creating a slurry of lights and darks, brush strokes remain visible as well as tactile. A tonal atmosphere is created, allowing the pencils’ translucency to enhance, not smother.

Predominant theme: The insignificant becomes significant.
Definition of insignificance: not worth consideration. To me, everything has significance with the proper perspective. I interrogate the insignificant. I seek its beauty.

A selection of ongoing series with this theme:

Laundromat: Oddly familiar objects in a laundromat

Object du jour: Everyday objects emerge as heroes

Rock. Water. Sky. Atmospheric landscapes

I have a large amount of work completed and other series developing. Please inquire.