Artist Statement

Atmospheric presence is paramount.

Predominant medium: Colored pencils

The tactile quality of colored pencils, when used on a textured surface, delivers an unexpected vitality. Scraping the pencils back and forth, cross hatching layers, colors saturate; atmospheric depth ensues. Pencils succumb to the sharpener’s blade at an alarming rate. Blurry scribbles or carefully rendered?
It depends.

Option to work on sanded paper, usually 400 grit, for smaller, refined pieces. For larger work I choose a panel, coated twice with a pastel ground that has been tinted in a pale sepia or gray tone. The paint application is deliberately uneven, creating a slurry of lights and darks, brush strokes remain visible as well as tactile. A tonal atmosphere is created, allowing the pencils’ translucency to enhance, not smother.

Secondary Medium: Egg Tempera. I find egg tempera is the perfect wet medium for me when I want extreme detail and translucent color. I have worked in egg tempera since the early 1980s, self taught, focusing mainly on portraits then. Now I see it as an alternative to colored pencil when needed.

Predominant theme: The insignificant becomes significant.
Definition of insignificance: not worth consideration. To me, everything has significance with the proper perspective. I interrogate the insignificant. I seek its beauty.

A selection of ongoing series with this theme:

Laundromat: Oddly familiar objects in a laundromat

Object du jour: Everyday objects emerge as heroes

Rock. Water. Sky. Atmospheric landscapes

I have a large amount of work completed and other series developing. Please inquire.